WiFi Solutions

Business WiFi solutions...

Employees rely on WiFi more than ever to perform their jobs and stay productive. WiFi is depended upon in meetings to send emails, link to content online or from a company server, or follow along with someone else’s WebEx presentation. WiFi also encourages face-to-face collaboration as team members know they can gather anywhere and work in real-time rather than stay chained to individual desks.

As employees increasingly work from their smartphones and tablets, WiFi is also key to keeping them productive wherever they are – from conference rooms to offices to the cafeteria. And since they access corporate email and other sensitive business documents, the WiFi must be secure. Our range of wireless access points provide a flexible, high performance Wi-Fi solution to address both indoor and outdoor applications suitable for both private and public use.

Fully Managed Service
Our WiFi solution is a fully Cloud based managed service tailored to the specific requirements of your business. Your WiFi network is always upto date with the latest firmware.
Performance and Security
Self-healing Mesh technology ensures maximum availability by automatically re-routing WiFi traffic should an Access Point fail. Secure from un-trusted access.
Optimal Coverage
Self-healing Mesh technology ensures maximum availability by automatically re-routing WiFi traffic should an Access Point fail.

Guest WiFi Solutions...

Business owners should consider offering their customers and staff a free ‘Guest’ WiFi connection. The Guest WiFi service uses a different SSID to that of the main corporate network. This serves to restrict what Guest users can access on your WiFi network. This network separation maintains the security of your network, by isolating your main network from that of your guests protecting your corporate network from any malicious or fraudulent activity.

When it comes to cafes, bars and restaurants, WiFi encourages people to spend more.

Customers are likely to stay at your business longer while using the WiFi, and this will result in them buying more drinks and food, and thus spending more.

Offering guest WiFi is a great way to make your business stand out from the competition. Nowadays, more and more people look for free WiFi access when they are determining where to grab a bite to eat or where to go shopping.

Guest WiFi opens you up to a wealth of different opportunities. Friendly WiFi is a prime example.

Safe and Secure
Your Guest WiFi network is completely separated from your private network preventing Guests from accessing your private devices and data.
One-click WiFi Connect
Your customers can access your Free WiFi from their Phone, Tablet or PC with a single click on the Bluwave Guest WiFi landing page.
Bandwidth Limiter
The Bandwidth limiter prevents Guest users from hogging your Guest WiFi so protecting the Guest WiFi user experience for everyone else and ensuring your business network is prioritised.

Content Filtering Solutions...

What is Content Filtering

Content filtering is an application used to evaluate and exclude access to web pages that according to set filtering criteria are deemed to be blocked. Content filtering is usually implemented by corporations as part of their firewalls, but this technology is now offered from within the Cloud by Content Filtering platform providers making it readily available to small businesses and home computer owners.

Content filtering works by specifying content patterns – such as text strings or objects within images – that, if matched, indicate undesirable content that is to be screened out. A content filter will then block access to this content.

Content filtering is serving a security purpose – but content filtering is also used to implement company policies related to information system usage. For example, it’s common to filter social-networking sites unrelated to work.

Bluwave Content Filtering

Our Content Filtering Solution will ensure your WiFi network is protected from illegal and unwelcome content. We block adult and inappropriate content as standard, but can also block other types of content such as gambling.

Malicious content is identified in real-time, meaning your WiFi network is protected with the most up to date threat protection. Our Solution has also been customised to work with most internet service providers connections, without the need for a static IP address!

Safe Browsing
Internet cloud-based DNS service which makes it easy to protect your Guest WiFi users from security threats and undesirable content.
Threat Protection
Defined Security Policies protect your WiFi network against command and control attacks, malware, phishing, viruses, and other threats.
Cloud Based Technology
Cloud based service setup in minutes and centrally managed by Us. It will actively protect you and your Guest WiFi users around the clock.

Friendly WiFi

Friendly WiFi Safe Certification Features

Friendly WiFi is a government-initiated safe certification standard for public WiFi. The Friendly WiFi symbol assures you the WiFi service meets minimum filtering standards, which is of particular importance in areas where children are present.

We have partnered with Friendly WiFi as an Approved provider of public WiFi solutions which meet this certification standard.

Friendly WiFi certification is available with our Content Filtering for WiFi.

If you become a Friendly WiFi provider, you will feature on a search base for parents and young adults that are seeking family-friendly WiFi. Not only does this shed your business in a good light, but it gives you another marketing medium as well.

It's Official
Officially proves to your Customers that your Guest WiFi is free from pornography and images of child sexual abuse.
Informs Your Customers
Easily tell your Customers that they and their loved ones are safe when using your business’s Guest WiFi service.
Government Backed
The standard was created in partnership with the UK Government and The UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS).

Business grade equipment...

A business-grade WiFi solution is key to providing the best up-time reliability, network coverage and user capacity.

An integral part of any business-grade solution are the wireless access points, which provide connectivity, security and resilience.

The industry’s leading WiFi equipment manufacturers have developed feature rich wireless access points and products.

We use these manufacturers business-grade products to provide innovative and flexible WiFi solutions to our Customers.